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Wandering in a forest of confused roles, conflicting public expectations, and ineffective boardroom practices is frustrating for board members, the CEO, and senior management. Fiduciary, legal, and risk oversight responsibilities can eat up agendas and leave board members feeling like box-checkers rather than visionaries driving their organization into a successful future. 

Out of the Woods Consulting is here to draw your board, CEO, and senior management team toward a clear path of governance productivity and synergy. Our experienced team will guide your organization on concerns such as:

  • Governance effectiveness assessments
  • Governance improvement planning and facilitation
  • Policy Governance® installations 
  • Policy design and monitoring systems
  • Chair and CEO leadership coaching
  • Owner and stakeholder relationship-building
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Organizational strategy management (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Organizational effectiveness
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“The single major challenge addressed by corporate governance is how to grant managers enormous discretionary power over the conduct of the business while holding them accountable for the use of that power.”  - Robert Monks